Open Carrier Overcoming Mass Shooting Guilt.

I’m a very outspoken open carry gun rights activist, I try to help people overcome their fears of guns and blacks with guns by openly displaying my firearm in public. What we call open carry. Usually, this disarms other blacks and allows them to confront me and ask me questions they usually wouldn’t ask. Questions... Continue Reading →

  Video 2015 was a hard-fought battle for gun-control proponents on the Democratic side, a battle in which they were defeated easily. As history has shown us, when Democrats or any politician for that matter, run on a strong gun-control platform, it sends a bad message to gun-owning voters. Especially those in Red States. Gun-owners... Continue Reading →

Look At This Koon Kanye West.

Make no mistake Kanye West is by no means a conservative, neither is he the Token Black. A label the left has been using to denigrate him over the last few months. I won’t join his fans and characterize him as brilliant, rather, what I will say about him is he’s open-minded. Something many on... Continue Reading →

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